Swensonia Inc. is was a transmedia consultancy dedicated to working with artists and outcasts to help them disseminate their material into the digital publishing stream and to collaborate on new products that push (or break) the limits presumed inherent within existing media. 


June 2012 - SWENSONIA INC. is no longer active and thus we no longer accept new clients, but we welcome queries about past work or relationship building. Our info email is still intact. This page is being left intact for reference purposes only, not to solicit new business.

Thanks to all past loyal clients and collaborators.

JULY 2011:

XXMODELS by Richard Kern [eBook edition]
Available on Amazon Kindle (optimized for iPad and iPhone in color) and B&N Nook Color

The girl-next-door, as you’d like to see her:  brushing her teeth, eating, showering, picking her nose – and always nude or at least in her underwear.

Richard Kern’s out of print classic, XXMODELS (2001) was secretly published in Japan to get around the censors that prohibited the sale of his book MODEL RELEASE (2000) in that country.

64 pages, 51 COLOR photographs

June 2011, New York, NY. Swensonia Announces an Update to the Official Richard Kern Web Site


The official web site of photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern features recent work as well as updated biographical data supplied by the Evil Cameraman himself. Click here to see Kern’s latest music video for Dentata, “Earwig” or watch it here:

NEW YORK, NY. June 1, 2011

Best-Selling Truly Tasteless Jokes Series Reborn via Rapture

Now on ebooks and the web. Guaranteed to offend virtually everyone.

See: http://www.prweb.com//releases/2011/6/prweb8511029.htm

Truly Tasteless Jokes by Blanche Knott: the eBooks

Swensonia is proud to announce that it is collaborating with Truly Tasteless Jokes author “Blanche Knott” and Ashtonia LLC.

Swensonia is managing design, development, marketing and distribution of eBook versions of the NY Times best selling Truly Tasteless Jokes classics.

No one is safe!

Guaranteed to offend everybody!

(And that’s just how we like it!)


Amazon: Truly Tasteless Jokes 1

Amazon: Truly Tasteless Jokes 2

Amazon: Truly Tasteless Jokes 3

Be sure to visit TrulyTastelessJokes.com to stay on top of the most tasteless and offensive commentary, jokes and diatribes around, fresh from the mouth of the woman who inspired some of the most famous comedians and humorists on the scene.

Follow Blanche and the Truly Tasteless Jokes movement on:

Twitter and Facebook

E-Book: XXGirls by Richard Kern [Kindle & Nook Editions]

Buy the updated 2nd Edition on Amazon.com
and Barnes & Noble. (Coming soon: Apple iTunes, Google Books and the Sony Reader Store)

Richard Kern’s classic and long out of print book of black and white photographs of young women was published by a Tokyo Gallery in 1996 as a way to get some of his erotic images from the book New York Girls past the censors in Japan. This book, published early in Kern’s career, features nude photos of girls he knew and worked with from New York’s downtown art and music scene.

In conjunction with Kern’s NY Girls Books, Swensonia Inc. produced and published this eBook, optimized for use on Kindle devices as well as on the Kindle application for iPad and iPhone.

Coming soon: Nook, iBookstore and Sony Reader versions! More Richard Kern eBooks coming in spring 2011!

Buy now!

Amazon Kindle Edition | Barnes and Noble Nook Edition


Swensonia Inc.

Eric Swenson | Principal

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Mr. Swenson: The Sensous Man (CD, Cherry Red Records, London \ Analog Baroque)

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Mr. Swenson. “Deathtrip Lover” (single) Headphone World (compilation) (Cherry Red Records, London \ Analogue Baroque)

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Representative Clients
Ashtonia LLC
Allan Chasanoff

AT&T Labs Research
Capax Global

Deka Design

Diversion Media

Genesis Breyer-P-Orridge

Gesso Digital

Gillian McCain

Hearst Corporation

Oxford Universtiy Press

Richard Kern

Supervert 32C Inc.

Member of the Following Organizations


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Information Architecture Institute

Interaction Design Association (IxDA)

Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)



It’s Who You Know:
Projects by Clients and Friends

Institute for the Future of the Book

Looker by Richard Kern

Soft by Richard Kern

New York Girls by Richard Kern

Model Release by Richard Kern

Hardcore Collection (DVD) by Richard Kern

A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory Directed by Esther Robinson

Horror Panegyric by Keith Seward

Thee Psychick Bible by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

The Escape by Jo Ann Wasserman

Please Kill Me by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil

Tilt by Gillian McCain

Mindfield by Gregory Corso (RIP)

Pepper and Pistol by Katrin Weins

Linda McCartney: A Portrait by Danny Fields

Fall River Boys by Richard Renaldi

Figure and Ground by Richard Renaldi

Lyell NYC by Emma Fletcher

The Evening Sun Turned Crimson by Herbert Huncke (RIP)

Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball

Designing Women: The Dressing Room in Eighteenth-century English Literature and Culture by Tita Chico

XX Girls (Kindle edition) by Richard Kern

The Other Empire (Kindle edition) by Filiz Turhan

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish by Supervert

Necrophilia Variations by Supervert

Perversity Thinktank by Supervert

The Brazilian Bikini Body Program by Regina Joseph

The Book of Jokes by Momus

What the Scarecrow Said by Steward David Ikeda

How to Earn What You’re Worth: Leveraging Your Goals and Talents to Land Your Dream Job by Sunny Bates

The Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self Discovery to Professional Fulfillment by Maggie Craddock

Demons in the Box: Jews, Arabs, Politics and Culture in the Making of Israeli Television by Tasha G. Oren


The Swensonian Agenda

Symmetry. Seduction. Subtraction. Sustainability.

Founded by Eric Swenson, Swensonia Inc. is a multi-dimensional transmedia consulting practice with 20 years of experience in new media development, product development, applied research, business consulting, publishing, music production, fine arts, and situation architecture.

Bespoke program and project management services for artists, engineers, scientists, technologists and sole practitioners. New/emerging media strategy for agencies, journalists and media companies. Research. Competitive intelligence. Design. Execution. Analysis.

Clients include multinational media and telecommunications firms, design agencies, internationally recognized artists, outcasts, inventors and private collectors.

In addition to traditional research, due diligence and technology project management services, we also provide in-depth research and analysis services to facilitate competitive intelligence and market research requirements.

Context & Foundation

Swensonia’s range is expansive. Our history dates back to 1992 as the co-founder (along with Supervert 32C) of Necro Enema Amalgamated (NEA), producer of BLAM! CD-ROM series. BLAM! was proclaimed the “first CD-ROM experimental magazine” by Steven Heller in Graphic Design Timeline: A Century of Design Milestones and proclaimed "the Marilyn Manson of multimedia" by Time Out New York.

What those who were alive in those days most often remember is that BLAM! included the interactive media world’s first fully functioning behavioral profiling engine (the progenitor to today’s web-based user profiling and tracking technologies), generating ear-splitting and eye-bleeding motion graphic advertisements as well as “punishment pieces” for user behaviors the creators judged according to specific profiles. We believe that NEA literally invented this form of advertising as well as the interstitial -- and malware (since BLAM! would indeed, take over the user’s computer and alter specific software settings)!

These techniques shocked and amazed the first generation of interactivists and so inspired advertising giant Jay Chiat that he invited us to consult for Chiat-Day’s (now TBWA/Chiat/Day) fledgling new media department. Further, BLAM! was featured in exhibitions at premier art museums including The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Australia), and featured on MTV and publications such as ArtForum, Wired, ID, eye, New York Magazine, Lingua Franca, Neural, Morph’s Outpost, Blender, Village Voice, World Art, Mediamatic, etc.

Today, Swensonia Inc. provides a wide range of services to creative entities across the globe, extending our history of innovation and experimentation, practicing subliminal semiotics while applying best practices in program and project management, communications and product design.